TS5V330: ts5v330 about resistor input and output

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Part Number: TS5V330

Hello Rami,

Well finally I got the part, in first instance it worked fine, however i only tried with only one signal, and it did the switching correctly, but when i put 2 signals one in each input, the resulting image is with a ghost from the other signal, is like an interference among them, and after a while working the parasite signal was worse, even the main signal was corrupted and almost unseenble.

What do you recomend for this?

PD i saw also this multiplexer LMH6574, can you get an Functional Block Diagram with resistor and capacitors value to be tested?


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  • Hey Eduardo,
    Sounds like some crosstalk or some isolation issue could be the problem here.
    What are the characteristics of the signals being passed through? (i.e. voltage, frequency) 
    Has your board layout changed from when we discussed in the previous thread? Could you provide any changed you may have made? 

    For the LMH6574, I believe you're referring to the block diagram in section 7.1. I'm not especially familiar with this device as, although it does have a multiplexer integrated, it's outside our immediate portfolio. I'm looping in some one who can help you more here.
    In the meantime, however, it looks like the datasheet provides the RIn and Rout values for you in the electrical characteristics table under Miscellaneous Performance. Additionally, in the layout guideline (section 10) there seems to be a note on the bypass capacitors. I would look into these and see if you can construct the block diagram from what's giving. Just a couple things to look into.

    Rami Mooti

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    Hello Eduardo,

    Not quite sure what you mean on getting this tested, the datasheet electrical characteristics & figures are meant to display the performance of the device. In regards to the resistors & capacitances used in the block diagram, as Rami mentioned you can use the layout guideline for bypass capacitors. In regards to Rin & Rout, these are set to 75-ohms with the assumption of interfacing with video signals but can be adjusted based off the application. In regards to RF you can use figure 27 to determine RF based off of gain. 

    To clarify on the Rin & Rout values under Miscellaneous performance, these are the impedances of the device itself and do not correspond to the external resistors & caps shown in the block diagram.


    Hasan Babiker

  • In reply to Rami Mooti1:

    Hello Rami, thank you for your answer, i was very busy in these days.

    Well the pcb is the same, but works fine with one signal but not with 2, internally they should have not connection between them so i am a little confuse here. I saw the diagram but at the output there some resistors with not value, so i dont know this to create a pcb and test it.

  • In reply to Hasan Babiker31:

    Hello Hasan thank you, i am not an expert to "read" this, can you help me, in fact, i am using 75 Ohm system, so it should works but to test this IC i want to creat the PCB and put the right values for Capacitors and Resistors,

    Hoping you can help me to identify this values,

    Best Regards.