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MUX509: Do you have an alternate device but with independent control for each channel of 2-channel 4:1 mux.

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Part Number: MUX509



Could you recommend proper device?

  • Replacing DG409 with independent control for each ch

We have alternative device to replace DG409 but control pin controls 2 chs in the same time and same bit.

Please recommend proper device.


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  • Hello,

    What is the use case where independent control of each channel is needed?

    MUX509 and other --09 devices in the market were designed considering the needs of applications with differential inputs, which is why both channels are controlled by the same logic pins and toggle together.

    You could use 2x 1-channel 4:1 muxes such as TMUX6104 to achieve the function of switching two 4:1 channels independently. Let me know what you think of this idea for your use case.

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