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TS5A3159-Q1: How do I protect 5V mux from 12V short to battery scenario? Will diode clamp be sufficient?

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Part Number: TS5A3159-Q1


For the analog input voltage, the TS5A3159-Q1 spec mentions max value is V+ + 0.5V, but in note(3), it mentions that the output voltage rating may also be exceeded if the input and output clamp-current rating are observed.


In my application, there is a scenario that the input will be short to battery(12V), so I want to use a diode to clamp the input voltage to V+, the diode will have about 0.6V forward voltage, then VNO will be 5+0.6V, higher than 5.5Vspec, but if I add a resistor to clamp the current within 50mA, is it safe for the device to work? Or should I clamp the current to other spec? Thanks.


  • Hi Adam,

    You are correct. If the analog input voltage goes above absolute max conditions - using a series current limiting resistor to limit to the current to be <= |50mA| will be fine in the application. With the overvoltage of 100mV the addition of the current limiting resistor will work.


    Parker Dodson