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TS5A22364-Q1: P2P solution with lower C

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Part Number: TS5A22364-Q1

Hi Team,

Do we have p2p with TS5A22364-Q1, SPDT switch with the same operating temperature and lower capacitance value solution?

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  • Hi Jamie,

    The TS5A22364-Q1 has no pin to pin replacements with a lower on capacitance. This is due to this part being 1 of 3 parts that we have in our portfolio that can support a negative voltage swing without a negative rail. All of these parts have high capacitance (370pF typical on Capacitance) and this is the only automotive qualified part we have.

    Now that being said we do have options that could possibly still benefit the customer - even with the lack of a P2P part.  That being said I just want to clarify a few things to see if we have a part that could still fit the application while offering benefits:

    1. Is the customer trying to pass negative Signals Through the Switch? 

    2. Is the Customer needing a -Q1 part or is this an optional requirement ?

    3. If I could understand the  loading conditions of the device that could help point us in the right direction?

    4. Do you know the range of on capacitance the customer is looking for?

    5.  Besides what is in #1 are there any other reasons why the customer was drawn to this part in the first place?

    If a non P2P solution is a possibility with the customer please let me know and provide the information I have asked for if possible - I think there is a good possibility that we may have a solution that could still have benefits over the current part.


    Parker Dodson

  • In reply to Parker Dodson:

    Hi Parker,

    Thanks for the information.

    Please refer to the following information:

    1. The signal: sim signal

    2. The application is not auto but the temperature requirement is >85 degree C.

    3. sim signal, load current is small.

    Please kindly recommend solution.

    Thanks and best egards,


  • In reply to Jamie Tseng:

    Hi Jaime,

    I think there are 2 possible options for this application - but I would like to stress once again that these aren't pin to pin but they have similar package options.

    The first option is the TMUX1072 - it provides an on capacitance of 4.5pF (typ) compared to the 370pF of the TS5A device. It has a slightly higher on resistance, but for low load current applications this usually isn't much of a performance factor. It can support up to 125C for the temp range.  It also tends to be a bit cheaper as well. However the biggest drawback to this device is that does have higher leakage current at about 11uA when the switch is on.

    The other option is the TMUX1136 - it provides an on capacitance of 20pF (typ) compared to the 370pF of the TS5A device. It has a lower on resistance than the 1072 but slightly higher than the TS5A. It can support up to 125C for the temp range. It also provides a very low leakage (2nA max while operating) which can help improve accuracy. The biggest drawback is that this part is a bit expensive because it is a precision part - but based on the application I am not sure you need all the precision but if you are looking for a lower leakage this is the part to go with.

    Either of these options should work for the customer and they each should be able to meet their needs. Please let me know if you need anything else!


    Parker Dodson

  • In reply to Parker Dodson:

    Hi Parker,

    Thanks for your great support.

    Best regards,