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SN74CBTLV3125: the difference between SN74CBTLV3125 and SN74CBTLV3126

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Part Number: SN74CBTLV3125

Hello Team,

Customer want to know the difference between these two parts, and I fond all the parameters are same from the datasheet, so could you kindly help us check this question?



  • Hi Anthony,

    The differences are subtle - there are slight differences in the switching characteristics:



    The 3126 has a slightly faster t_en times and slightly slower t_dis times than the 3125.

    And as Clemens has mentioned the 3125 is active low while the 3126 is active high.

    Besides that the parts are very similar.

    If you have any other questions please let me know!


    Parker Dodson.

  • The main difference is the polarity of the control signals: '125: OE, '126: OE.