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Request for confirmation of competitor replacement products

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Customer has a request for replacement parts of competitors below.

manufacturer : Will semi

Competitor's parts

- WAS4729QB

- WAS3157D

We searched for a replacement product, but we did not find a suitable part, so we will contact you.



  • Hi MJ,

    1. For the WAS4729QB our closest part is the TS5A22362 - a 2 channel 2:1 switch that can swing negative signals (Can Pass VDD - 5.5V) and has a low on resistance at 3.6V (0.61 Ohms typical). It isn't P2P as we don't have this part in a QFN package - but  the DSBGA package (YZP Package Code) provides a similarly sized footprint so you wouldn't have to sacrifice space savings by using this part. 

    2. For the WAS3157D we have two options that could be used - but they aren't pin to pin - we do not have a p2p match with these characteristics. But the two options I see are:

    i) Option 1: TMUX1237/TMUX1247 these parts offer lower on resistance but a slightly higher leakage current and a slightly smaller bandwidth at 250MHz it is available in the SC-70 package. 

    ii) Option 2: TMUX1119 - this is a precision part and it offers lower On resistance and leakage currents than the WAS3157D but it does also have a bandwidth of 250MHz.

    However I'd like to ask what the customers are looking into these parts for - what are the features they are wanting to keep because we do have a range of parts that may work better for the application if all the features of the will semi parts are not needed.

    Please let me know!


    Parker Dodson

  • In reply to Parker Dodson:

    Hi, Parker

    Thank you very much.

    It was very helpful.

    Have a nice day.