TS3A5223: Ton Toff time question

Part Number: TS3A5223

Hi Team,

My customer test the Ton and Toff time of TS3A5223 but we found the result is different with datasheet.

Also, there is no CL and RL on the VNO. Why our result is longer than value of datasheet so much?

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  • Hi Hardy,

    Thanks for your question! Please note the specified TON and TOFF times in the datasheet are only applicable for the given load and input conditions identified in the test conditions column (so in this case, the 70ns spec will be observed when RL = 50, CL = 35, and VS = 1.5). Also, since you are floating your output, you may have very low capacitance, however, your TON/TOFF will also be influenced by your load resistance as well, which in this case looks to be large enough to offset the minimal capacitance in your test setup causing an increased TON/TOFF timing.

    Hope this helps!