TMUX1208: TINA-TI Warning: Missing library source file(s) -

Part Number: TMUX1208

Hi Team, hoping for your assistance.


Thank you. 


  • Hi Mark,

    Have you tried to just import the .TSM file - the .lib file is a spice library - while the .TSM file already has the Tina Model ready to go as a macro (.TSM) . This file is included in the tina model download.  Please see below for how I was able to upload the file to TINA without the error:

    You can also directly pull the TMUX1208 from the tina reference design found here: If you download/open the file you will see the following:

    You can select the TMUX1208 and copy it and place it in your schematic - this should also work and bypass the error you are seeing.

    Please let me know if this solved your issue and if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach back out!


    Parker Dodson