TMUX6119: Channel to channel mismatch for Leakage current

Part Number: TMUX6119
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There is an application of High Precision temperature Measurement System for which Mux is needed with Ultra Low Leakage. The device in consideration is TMUX6119.

The leakage data is available in data sheet, however do we have any data/simulation on the Leakage data Mismatch between the Channels.

Similar request for TMUX6136.


  • Hi Sameer,

    No we do not spec mismatch in leakage currents between channels this is not a typical specification on most analog multiplexers. At room temperature leakage currents are very small across all channels but as temperature increases leakage current also we increase but since leakage current is non-linear and increases with temperature there may be more mismatch but other factors such as input voltages etc. can change the leakage mismatch so it is hard to accurately capture a mismatch value that will be usable in most situations.

    If you have any other questions please let me know!


    Parker Dodson