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TS3A5018: Can this device be used for PCIe reference clock 100MHz differential?

Part Number: TS3A5018


In our project we need to Swtich PCIe Reference Clock (100MHz Differential Clock) & considering the use of Quad SPDT Analog Switch ( Part # TS3A5018T) for same. This is for switching Reference Clock for PCIe Gen3 application. 

Wanted to check if TS3A5018T can support PCIe Reference Clock (100MHz Differential Clock, Square Wave) switching & has it been used for same in any designs ?

Wanted to to confirm the usage feedback from TI as it indicated the use case applications for low speed Audio / Video Switching which is expected to be under 5 to 6 MHz. 

We have apprehension ins the part as Ron is specified as 10 Ohms. 

Pls suggest if you have any device to meet PCIe Clock Switching needs & can support Quad SPDT switching. We can share 1 page schematic to give more details on use case, if such data sharing means is provided ..... could not locate any provision to attach doc while posting the query. 

Can you share the exact respond graph for TS3A5018T for 100MHz Diff Clock which is Square Waveform.