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SN74LV4051A: aging and temperature performance

Part Number: SN74LV4051A


Could you let us know how the on state resistance changes over the age of the part and with temperature? 

If I were to calibrate my measurements, could I eliminate the on state resistance or would it change to much over its age/temperature?

Is there a particular device (or series of devices) with better performance than another?  This is a 1:8 analog multiplexer.

Thank you, Keith

  • Keith,

    On state resistance will increase as temperature increases.  You can see the level of variation in this spec based on the different Ron values in the datasheet at different temperatures.  At 25 degree C the Ron is in the 38 to 180 ohm range but at 85 degree C it can increase up to 225 ohms. 

    Our newer 8:1 switch MUX508 has characterization data showing the Ron variation across temperature and voltage.

    There is also an older 8:1 mux CD4051 that shows the variation across temperature and voltage.

    The Ron will likely increase about 20-50% across temperature range for these types of products.  Products with lower Ron with have less issue with the 20%-50% increase as temperature increase but not in an 8:1 configuration at this time. 

    Please let me know if you have additional questions or need more information.

    Thank you,