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CCS/TMDXIDK5718: U-Boot Debug issue - No source available

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Part Number: TMDXIDK5718

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Hello Experts,

We are doing U-Boot debugging on AM571x IDK and custom board based on AM5708.

We followed instructions as per


But after loading binaries u-boot-spl.bin and u-boot-spl immediately prompting "No source available for do_board_detect" even before setting break points and resuming debug session.

And i am not able to see the logs on serial console. Is there any way to check logs on CCS with the JTAG?



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    The behaviour you are seeing is consistent with the u-boot being built without debug symbols, which prevents proper source code correlation. In this case you need to be sure the u-boot ELF executable (the file u-boot-spl) was built with the -g option.

    Even still, at certain points of the execution you may have optimized or inlined functions, which can also confuse the debugger when trying to find the corresponding source code. In this last case, you can open the Disassembly View and step through a few instructions to see if the debugger is able to "return" to a function inside a source file.

    One remark: if you see some strange or invalid instructions in the Disassembly View, it is possible the debugger is not displaying the correct mode (either ARM or Thumb). You can right-click and select "Thumb only". This is a known issue in CSv8 releases.

    Regarding the console display, I suspect you are referring to the "Terminal View", is that so? If so, you need to double-check first if the u-boot is actually running (it is possible the .bin file was incorrectly loaded) and the UART configuration/connections between the target board and the PC. To test the terminal connection, I would first disconnect the CCS debugger and re-boot the board with a working SD card. Then I would proceed to try to debug the u-boot itself.

    Hope this helps,

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  • In reply to desouza:


    We are able to overcome "No source available" issue and able to debug the u-boot code with "Run to Line" option.

    We are trying to bring up custom board based on AM5708. First tried with sd card image but not able to see any logs, at least U-Boot initial banner on console. So decided to debug u-boot with CCS-JTAG.

    In the below link video mentioned that we can able to see log buffer in u-boot memory with JTAG but unfortunately we not able find the location.