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CCS: Unknown Device

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Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Ran good with earlier versions of CCS (5,6,7) using the MSP-FETU430IF connected to my Windows 7 32 bit computer. Uninstalled all previous versions of CCS. Installed CCS V8.1 and am getting  "Error connecting to the target: Unknown device" on PCBs that were previously running. No explanation why or hints on how to fix. problem.

Installed CCS V8.3 and am getting same error. Did this with several PCBs with different TI chips where all did work and now none can be loaded. The new 8.1 and 8.3 loads seem to be missing descriptions of TI chips. Could it be a path problem? I do not know what such a chip file might be called or how to fix a path problem. Please note the  "U" in Interface part.