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CCS/LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1: Displaying ASCII characters above 128 (like Spanish)

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Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1

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I wanted to display English and Spanish in my project which uses the cc2652R and the ST7735S Display Controller. For the purpose I downloaded the TivaWare SDK and then obtained the ftrasterize tool from there. 

Then I downloaded a font that supports both English and Spanish.( ASCII characters from 32 to 256). Then I generated the font.c file using ftrasterize using the following command on cmd prompt :

"ftrasterize.exe -f font -s 24 -e 255 font.ttf". This gave me a font file with Graphics_FontEx type ( since it was upto 256)

Then I included the font.c file obtained to my project and set the font to the corresponding. Then as per the following post from https://e2e.ti.com/support/microcontrollers/msp430/f/166/t/664949?tisearch=e2e-quicksearch&keymatch=above%20127

I had used the string draw functions changing int8_t to uint8_t. Then tried using those functions to display the Spanish characters. However when I tried to do so, either the data was not appearing at all or some other character was appearing in place of the given character.  

Is there any other step to be done ?



  • Hello Friend,
    according to my knowledge, grlib is designed for SSD2119.
    Did you checked compatibility issues?

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  • In reply to Tomasz Kocon:

    Hi Tomasz
    I got the lcd to work. That is all working great. My query was more into displaying the Spanish and Other characters which are above 127 Ascii.
  • In reply to Shyam Shankar79:

    How are you testing this? What API are you using to print a string to the display?

    Have you done a test trying to print all available characters from 32 to 256?

  • In reply to Hector_r:


    I got it to work. As told in the post from the link(given in my previous post), I had created functions similar to the functions used to draw a string -GraphicsDrawStringCentered, GraphicsDrawString and GraphichsGetStringWidth. The only change I had to make was replace the int8_t * string to uint8_t *string in the arguments of the function. So that it would take the characters greater than 127...upto 256. Then all I had to do was call these functions to draw the string. I did not create a new grlib, instead I just had to add these 3 functions to my application. It would be really helpful if TI had already created the grlib string draw unctions with provision to include characters greater than 127.

    Thanks for the replies.