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CCS/CCSTUDIO: DSS Scripting: Write data to a file using DSS javascript.

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I have created a DSS javascript to automate the debug process where I am running some testcases in regression. That DSS javascript is for a single debug run and I am running it in a loop using a wrapper .cmd script. 

In that DSS script I run some GEL functions to get the status of a testcase. Now I want to write that status to a local .txt or .csv file. Please help me with this output file write.

My .cmd script:



dss single_run.js parameter1 


My DSS script:



var status = debugSession.expression.evaluate("poll_test_status()");



Now I used tracewrite to verify that the variable 'status' has the intended data.

I just want to know how to create an output.txt file and write { parameter1 status \n} in the outfile through my DSS javascript.