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CCS/SIMPLELINK-CC2640R2-SDK: Unable to connect to any device on simple central.

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Part Number: SIMPLELINK-CC2640R2-SDK

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Unable to connect to any device from the simple central code.

After scanning and discovering the devices, when a device is selected to connect it doesn't respond. It gets stuck at connecting.

Can you provide assistance to overcome this. I have attached a screenshot of CCSv8 debug window with the terminal.

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    An explanation for the error can be found at (just search for the error code -1170):

    Let me understand this correctly; are you trying to connect to the devices when they are already running your code? If so, are you manually launching the debugger (i.e., without loading code) to check its status?

    If so, then I suspect it will be preferrable to connect to the offending device and load the code before it fails. As explained in the reference above, your pre-loaded code is influencing the ability to connect to the device and perform further debugging.

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