TMDSIDK572: Problem booting TI RTOS on AM5729 EVM board

Part Number: TMDSIDK572

I am trying to boot a AM572x Industrial Development Kit TMDSIDK572 EVM board with TI RTOS.  I am trying to follow the Processor SDK RTOS 06-03-106 document instructions in sections 1.1.11 through in order to create a bootable TI RTOS SD card and boot the board. I get as far as section which states:

"To boot from SD card, simply plug in the SD card to the EVM and power on the board. If you used the examples provided in the Processor SDK RTOS installer, you will see"

My problem is that there is no documentation on how to establish a connection in order to see the boot message (e.g. the above console image). The TMDSIDK572 development kit has a Texas Instruments XDS100v2 USB Debug Probe but I cannot find any documentation on how to set up this connection to see the boot message