Request to display names on chip diagram in SysConfig

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Refer to this previous posting where user Amit Ashara posted a useful add-on to the pinmux tool.  Why is this feature not supported in the sysconfig tool?

  • Joey,

    Today the chip picture really just shows pin usage.  For details you can put your mouse over a pin and it will show you more details.  In most cases in SysConfig what is being done is software configuration which in turn has requirements for pins that get resolved.  i.e. depending on the device you could be adding and configuring a software stack which adds one or more drivers which in turn uses 1 or more peripherals.  TM4C is older and does not have that level of sophistication but other newer devices do.

    Where would you show the label and what would you show?

    I suppose that would have to vary by package.  On a BGA package there would be no space.  For the first 2 examples below you would not be able to display on the inside as that would overlap but you could do something on the outside.  What do you show?  Probably the item you were configuring that required the pin to be used.