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I'm just starting out with embedded programming.  For the project I need to have the same build environment as another team member, who unfortunately have older versions of tools.  I'm trying to get up to speed and was hoping someone could help me understand some stuff.  I'm going to get a EVMK2EX development board which has the cores needed.  The other team member doesn't have the board but has the SoC 66AK2E05 directly.  They have told me to use CCS v6 (risks and/or time prohibit them from upgrading).  My confusion is how to get started.  Do I need an SDK or just CCS v6?  I think the SDK will give me linux for the ARM but the other team uses another vendor's linux which has been end-of-lifed.  I don't think the flavor of linux is a big deal but what other stuff does the SDK provide if I have to get linux from the other vendor? 

Many thanks.


  • After watching a tutorial video I learned the SDK comes with a toolchain.  Is this duplicated in CCS or is the only way to get the toolchain is to download an SDK?

  • Hi Jeff

    Sorry for the late response. PSDK would be the right place to start. 

    I do think the way you describe your project and legacy code base , it will be a challenging path for you to develop with K2E. Our support ability on K2E is also limited and no plans to updated collateral or software (last software refresh was a few years back).

    If this is a new project or development, I strongly encourage you to evaluate other like devices like DRA821 family to see if it meets your needs.



  • Morning Mukul,

    I appreciate the help.  I've been pouring through the documentation.  I can't find the exact answer to this.   For my development on the EVMK2EX I need to compute an FFT.  Do your FFTLIB functions run on the ARM cortex-a15 or the DSP or both? 



  • Hi again,

    Looking at this post

    I'm confused about which function/library and which processor (ARM or DSP) that will compute a 8192-point FFT?  I would prefer to use just the ARM.

    Please let me know if there is an fft function for the arm only.  My board has been shipped but I don't have it yet.  I'm having my sys admin build up a Ubuntu development host and we'll soon be installing the Proc SDK for linux.  So I don't have  any of your files to look at, just documentation on


  • Jeff

    Again, I think the support is going to be extremely challenge with the nature of questions and development  path you are seeking. Please do consider newer devices like DRA82x family , if this is a new development. 

    PSDK Linux support for these devices is limited and you may not see many questions addressed. 

    The post you have referred to talks about a DSP code base - 6678 is a 8x c66x DSP (no ARM) device.  I am not aware of any ARM FFT library as part of our offering. 



  • Thanks for continuing with this.   I've been googling and came across the following link for math libraries for the ARM.  Have you heard of any customer getting them too work?