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How to support __attribute__((always_inline, nodebug)) in ti-cgt-arm_20.2.2.LTS

Hi champion,
    My customer tried to build below code in ti-cgt-arm_20.2.2.LTS.

static uint32 Os_GetMode(void) __attribute__((always_inline, nodebug));

__attribute__((always_inline, nodebug)) static uint32 Os_GetMode(void)


  register uint32 os_val = 0U;


  __asm volatile (

    "MRS %[result],CPSR\n   "

    "AND %[result], %[result], #0x1F\n         "

    : [result] "=r" (os_val) : : "memory", "cc"


  return os_val;


 They received below errors:

"E:\Hugel\01_MyWork\Test\FVR40\mss\BSW\src\os\gen\Os.h", line 151: warning #1173-D: unknown attribute "nodebug"

"E:\Hugel\01_MyWork\Test\FVR40\mss\BSW\src\os\gen\Os.h", line 152: warning #1173-D: unknown attribute "nodebug"

"E:\Hugel\01_MyWork\Test\FVR40\mss\BSW\src\os\gen\Os.h", line 159: error #18: expected a ")"

Do you know whether we can support "__attribute__((always_inline, nodebug));" in this CGT version?