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Creating Projects that Use DSP/BIOS 6.20 with CCSv4

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In the document of "bios_6_21_00_13\docs\Bios_Getting_Started_Guide.pdf",there is a step described by the picture


the step 6 say that there is a "Target content area",but Icannot find in my CCSv4 when Iconfig a new project

Above the 5 steps,there is no error appears,but in the 6 step it is  different between the document with my CCS.

Thank you for your promptly  reply!


gangling xu

  • It looks like that pdf was written for an earlier release of CCSv4. The project wizard interface was modified slightly for CCS 4.2 where instead of the "Target Content area", the next screen takes you to some project templates from where you can select either a non-BIOS project, BIOS5 project or SYSBIOS (BIOS 6 project).

    Please see the steps 5 and 6 of the Getting Started Guide which mentions this difference:

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    Thank you for your reply!

    Now ,I have known the difference between different version of CCS v4. But there is also some doubts trouble me .Yesterday, I configed  two projects,just like this :

    The first "DSP TCPIP"is that I configed a empty project and then generated a new "RTSC configration file ". The second “TCPIP”project is that I just selected "SYS/BIOS->RTA example "and configed like this picture described 

    I want to know that If I use the SYS/BIOS in my project ,the two ways to generatd project are all correct?

    Besides, the second project contains two project"TCPIP"and"TCPIP_configuration",but I only could build one project. In this case ,How  could I use the SYS/BIOS?In the CCS3.3,if Iwant to use the BIOS,the .tcf  file is in the same project. Why there are two project in the CCSv4.

    Also ,while I building the  TCPIP_configuration project ,there is an error appears:

    **** Build of configuration Default for project TCPIP_configuration ****

    C:\Program Files\Texas Instruments\ccsv4\utils\gmake\gmake -k all
    'Building target: configPkg/linker.cmd'
    'Invoking: XDCtools'
    "C:/Program Files/Texas Instruments/xdctools_3_16_02_32/xs" --xdcpath="C:/Program Files/Texas Instruments/ipc_1_00_05_60/packages;C:/Program Files/Texas Instruments/bios_6_21_00_13/packages;C:/Program Files/Texas Instruments/xdais_6_25_01_08/packages;C:/Program Files/Texas Instruments/xdais_6_25_01_08/examples;" -o configPkg -t ti.targets.C64P -p ti.platforms.evm6457 -r whole_program_debug -c "C:/Program Files/Texas Instruments/ccsv4/tools/compiler/c6000" "../stairstep.cfg"
    configuring stairstep.p64P from package/cfg/stairstep_p64P.cfg ...
    The TMS320C6457 device is not currently supported
    The following devices are supported for the C64P target:


    js: "C:/Program Files/Texas Instruments/bios_6_21_00_13/packages/ti/sysbios/family/c64p/Settings.xs", line 210: Error: Unsupported device!
        "C:/Program Files/Texas Instruments/bios_6_21_00_13/packages/ti/sysbios/family/c64p/Settings.xs", line 290
        "C:/Program Files/Texas Instruments/bios_6_21_00_13/packages/ti/sysbios/family/Settings.xs", line 147
        "C:/Program Files/Texas Instruments/bios_6_21_00_13/packages/ti/sysbios/knl/Clock.xs", line 35
        "C:/Program Files/Texas Instruments/bios_6_21_00_13/packages/ti/sysbios/BIOS.xs", line 50
        "D:/project/DSPworkspace/DSP TCPIP/TCPIP_configuration/stairstep.cfg", line 22
        "./package/cfg/stairstep_p64P.cfg", line 775
        "./package/cfg/stairstep_p64P.cfg", line 730
    xdctools_3_16_02_32\gmake.exe: *** [package/cfg/stairstep_p64P.c] Error 1
    js: "C:/Program Files/Texas Instruments/xdctools_3_16_02_32/packages/xdc/tools/Cmdr.xs", line 51: Error: configuration failed due to earlier errors (status = 2); 'linker.cmd' deleted.
    gmake: *** [configPkg/linker.cmd] Error 1
    gmake: Target `all' not remade because of errors
    Build complete for project TCPIP_configuration

    The first error says that "The TMS320C6457 device is not currently supported."But I have selet the Device Variant is the Generic C64x+ Device

    why the C64P cannot support the C6457??

    thank your for your attention!

  • gangling xu said:

    I want to know that If I use the SYS/BIOS in my project ,the two ways to generatd project are all correct?

    Yes, you can use either of these methods to create a SYSBIOS project. However, the first thing I would suggest is updating to the latest version of CCSv4 (4.2.4) since the version you are using is quite old. The best option may be to download and install the full image of 4.2.4 from
    This comes with newer versions of XDC, SYSBIOS etc so it will all be up-to-date.

    gangling xu said:

    Besides, the second project contains two project"TCPIP"and"TCPIP_configuration",but I only could build one project. In this case ,How  could I use the SYS/BIOS?

    The template you choose was probably the Task Example (separate config project). This example sets up a separate configuration project and the main project references this config project. The advantage of this is that there can be one common config project (that only contains the RTSC configuration) and several applications can reference the same BIOS configuration.

    The C6457 is supported and I was able to build several examples from the templates for this device using CCS 4.2.4 (and the versions of SYSBIOS and XDC that come with it). I would recommend installing 4.2.4 and then try out some of the SYSBIOS template examples.