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Questions before installing CCS v5

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I recently purchased a node locked CCS v5 license and have some installation related questions before I do the install...

Some information about our Host and Target platforms:
- Host platform information: Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, Dell Lattitude, Intel i5 @ 2.5 GHz, 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM, 250 GB drive
- Target device information: Two TMS320C6474 devices on our proprietary board
- Emulator: XDS510 USB JTAG emulator

1. I currently have a CCS v5  free license installed (which was originally a 90 day eval license) but have just purchased a node locked license.  I prefer to start clean by uninstalling the existing CCS software before installing from the new DVD's I received with the node locked license.  However in the past I've had problems with (non-TI) software in which uninstalling does not fully remove everything and there remains some leftover components that cause problems on the subsequent install.  Is the CCS v5 uninstall process clean enough for this uninstall/reinstall approach to work?  Do you recommend a different approach?

2. Will the CCS v5 uninstall utility also uninstall the XDS emulator drivers that were installed with my free license CCS v5?

3. The Host running CCS cannot (is not allowed to) be connected to the internet.  How can I activate my license if the machine is not internet enabled?

4. I'm a bit confused about which libraries I need.  Surely I need the C6474 CSL (SPRC975).  Other libraries that I think I need include the C64x+ DSPLIB (, C64x+ IQMath Library (SPRC542), and C64x Fast RTS Library (SPRC122).
 - Are any of these libraries bundled with CCS v5 or do I need to download each one individually from the TI web site?
 - Do you recommend that we install each of these libraries?  That is, are these particular libraries generally useful for DSP development?
 - Are there other libraries you recommend we install?
 - I haven't found a Fast RTS Library for C64x+.  Is there one available?  Only C64x version is shown on the web page.

5. We also purchased an XDS510 USB emulator that we'll use with CCS install.  Is there any software or drivers that I need to install for this or are they bundled in the CCS v5 installation?


  • Hi Mark,

    let me try to answer your questions

    1 - Regarding uninstallation.  I would keep the installation and just let the trial expire.  CCS will then switch to your node locked license after the trial.

    2 - No, but I would not recommend uninstalling

    3 - You can activate the license from any other PC with internet access.  You will simply need the activation ID and MAC address of the CCS PC.  You will be emailed the license file and can hopefully put it on a memory stick for example. 

    4 - If you installed C6000 and daVinici support when installing CCS, then you should have XDC and BIOS and all you need

    5 - again, this is something you can choose to install.  If you chose to install it, it will be there without you having to add support.

    If you are missing something then perhaps you may want to rerun the installer over the current installation to add features.  I would also recommend the latest released version.

    Does this answer everything?

    Best Regards,

  • By the way many of the compiler and BIOS tools are also available to separately download ...and can be added under Window->PReferences->Code Composer Studio->Build->Code Generation TOols for code generation tools and Window->PReferences->Code Composer Studio->Build->RTSC->Products for XDC, IPC, BIOS, NDK, MCSDK etc.

    See these links for example

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Lisa,

    Thank you very much for your prompt replies.  One follow up question is, if I rerun the installer over the current installation as you recommended in your first reply, is the installer smart enough to tell me which features have newer versions on the install DVD compared to the current installation?


  • Hi Mark,

    there are a couple things to consider.  I would always recommend the latest version.  In fact I would download unzip and burn the lastest ccsv5 version from here instead of relying on the CD.

    There are many things, that if not right from release, eventually get pushed through the update channels.  This however requires internet.  Many of these, however, as I mentioned are available separately.  CCS should know if something is outdated, however you can simultaneously have multiple code generation or BIOS tool versions.  That is absolutely not a problem and something we here all have.  I have many different versions of the MSP430 copmiler as well as Grace and BIOS for example.

    Depending on the version on the CD you got/already have installed will determine I think whether it is worth your while to start with a fresh new installation.

    I do hope this helps further.

    Best Regards,