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CCS 5.2 Will Not Install On Windows 7 32bit

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I have been trying for the last week to install CCS 5.2 onto a new computer with no luck. It appears some of the features install but not all. I require assistance to the problem. Below is the log.

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  • Hi Kyle,

    I'm sorry you're having problems installing. It looks like eclipse isn't able to extract one of the components; this could be because your zip didn't unzip correctly, or download fully. You say you tried installing multiple times. Did you download the zip multiple times too? If yes, would you be open to trying a few things to determine what's going on? Could you check the size of  <unzipped folder>\CCS5.2.0.00069_win32\featurerepo\binary\com.ti.ccstudio.ccsinit.win32_root_5.1.0.0. It should be 1,331,200 bytes.

    We do have a newer version of CCS available (5.2.1). 5.3.0 is in beta and will be released in about a month, but could you try downloading 5.2.1 and see if it has the same problem?

    Danish Innis

  • Well it looks like that the file is only 136 bytes which obviously is not what it should be. Would you recommend unzipping the file again and checking to see if the file unzipped properly?

    As for updating to a later version we have to pick one version for our development environment and keep it constant for quality purposes. It may be possible to update later, but we will eventually have to pick one version of software and stick with it.

  • Try unzipping again. Do you have any antivirus program running? Sometimes, it can cause problems in the unzipping process.

  • I tried unzipping the installation with the antivirus software off on the Windows 7 machine and I also tried in on an XP machine with no effect. I decided to look into the .zip file using winzip and it looks like the file is still 136 bytes according to winzip. Is there a chance that something is wrong with the .zip file?

  • no, the zip file should be ok, I just checked. Could you try downloading again? Could you do an md5 checksum on the downloaded zip?

  • I downloaded the file again and performed a md5 checksum and get this: ecc00e9a1f8d3954302f9edff071b462.

  • Kyle,

    our md5 checksum is

    919e6d312cc8a1d45961461dd308fb69 *

    Did you run the checksum on the extracted folder or the zip before unzipping?

    I ran the checksum after downloading from the public website, so I know the one available to you is correct.

    It's strange that zip file seems corrupted, but allows you to extract the content. Is there any one else in your organization who has successfully installed 5.2.0? Could you do a directory comparison on their unzipped folder and yours? Or copy their folder and try installing from there?


  • I did the checksum with .zip file as soon as I downloaded it before the extraction. A coworker of mine was able to install this version of CCS, and I actually was using the same .zip file he apparently used. He is out of contact this week so I can't get any more information. We are developing different TI chips which is why he had a head start, but he installed CCS on an XP 32 bit machine.

    On another note I tried to install the latest download I did and it looked like I got a successful install. I haven't had a chance to get the emulator set up as it is now the end of the day, but it is possible the install worked. My concern is why the checksums are different. This could cause a major certification issue for us. I think I'll try to download the file once or twice on different machines and check the checksum to see if it consistent with yours.

  • That's very strange, that the download checksums are different and yet it installed. Win32 and 64 should not make a difference to the unzip or the component your install was failing at.

    Could you attach the install logs for the successful install here? Please upload the file, don't copy the text, it becomes too large and the page doesn't load. I could take a look and verify your installation.


  • I attached the log. I'm still looking into it on my end.


  • Your install looks fine, Kyle. Please keep me updated regarding the checksums, and your colleague's download.