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How to use EVM357 ARM Interrupt Control???

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I've some problem in using EVM357 INTC vectors. The chip is Davichi TMS320DM357.

1, For EVM357, the vector table entry is Address = EBASE+(1*SIZE). So when I set EBASE, every interrupt (0-63) has it's own entity address. Then the question is, the content of this address is the address of my ISR function itself or AN instruction code for jumping to my ISR function?

2, For the EBASE register itself.  It has limitation for address space of (0x0000 0000-0x03FF FFFF). Is that means my ISR service can not exceed that space. Because as the reference code of EVM357. All the code a link to the DDR2 space which address is from(0x8000 0000-0x8FFF FFFF). So is that means with this setting, I can not use the INTC service?

3, What should I do to change my setting to use the INTC?

This is the first time I using the TI platform. Expecting your professional answer. Thanks very much.