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Question regarding TivaWare and MSPWare

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSPWARE

I have been curious for some time why MSPWare is a CCS plugin and TivaWare is "standalone software".  Can anyone enlighten me as to the reason for this?  What is the net result in terms of development?

  • Hi,

    As to why, the reason is unclear for us at the CCS forum. My strongest suspicion is the Tiva device team reached a level of integration with the TI Resource Explorer that works fine for CCS customers but at the same time kept its release somewhat independent of CCS as they also have support for other IDEs and toolchains.

    Conversely, the MSPWare supports only two toolchains and therefore they had a stronger case to be fully tied to CCS.

    In practical terms, there is very little difference. One particular aspect I like about having a standalone package is that I can install in a common area of my system (C:\ti, for example) and reference it from multiple versions of CCS - it saves a lot of disk space.

  • I concur, being able to put the package any place is good since I also use TivaWare (or parts thereof) with Rowley CrossStudio. I did note that the TivaWare examples still show up in the "Browse Examples" in the CCS Resource Explorer. I guess I'm still unclear what exactly the plugin does that just installing the package doesn't do...
  • Hi,

    The plugin basically downloads and installs the package for you. It is mostly a helper to automate the install.

    One detail about the Standalone packages: if you install them in a directory different than C:\ti or the parent directory of your CCS install (where ccsv6 resides), the examples will not be shown automatically on the TI Resource Explorer. You can add them using the "Add package button" near the Packages drop-down menu.