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CCSv6 C2000 6.4.6 Linker not obeying Search Path

My Search Path contains :


Variables I created related to this are:

ProjDirPath    = ${PROJECT_ROOT}
BspPath         = ${ProjDirPath}\Lib_BSP_GanDriver
PsimName     = PsimAuto
PsimPath       = ${BspPath}\${PsimName} (C code)\

The problem:

1) As long as I locate the libraries PsBiosRomF03xFixpt.lib and PsBiosRamF03xFixpt.lib in the  ${PROJECT_ROOT} folder, all is well.

2) If these libraries are relocated into the  ${PsimPath} folder, a.k.a. "${ProjDirPath}\Lib_BSP_GanDriver\PsimAuto (C code)", it'll build just fine, however the build result is completely different and most notably at the moment, my SCI port fails.  Since I have figured out that I need to locate these libs in the project folder for the time being, I apparently have a workaround for this issue, however I would like to undertsand the root cause.

What I also don't get:

1) I am getting no complaints about the way I defined the folder:  no error or warnings associated with the name.

2) I am only moving library files from position #3 in the path to position #4.  If it's finding the libraries in position #1 or #2, why aren't these always winning?

3) Is there any way to force the linker to report the folder it chose to use for each library?

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  • The details on how the linker finds libraries are in the section titled Alter the Library Search Algorithm in the C2000 assembly language tools manual.  This manual is written for those who build with CCS, and those who build from the command line.  Since you build with CCS, you can presume the current directory is the project directory.  Hopefully this documentation will explain your situation.  If you have a case where the linker behaves differently than documented, please let us know.

    Paul Roberts3 said:
    3) Is there any way to force the linker to report the folder it chose to use for each library?

    No.  But you may find the option --scan_libraries useful.  Read about it in that same manual.

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