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CCS: CCS3.3/TMS320C6412: failed to use XDS560 PCI JTag Emulator

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMS320C6412

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


I am trying to use XDS560 PCI JTag emulator to connect a PCI board (based on TMS320C6412). my CCS version is 3.3 and using Windows 7 x64 SP1, and this is  the error I  get

Error connecting to the target:
Error 0x80000240/-314
Fatal Error during: Initialization, OCS,
This error was generated by TI's USCIF driver.

An attempt to program the emulator FPGA failed.
The failure occurred after loading data.
A likely cause is the final FPGA state is bad.

Sequence ID: 0
Error Code: -314
Error Class: 0x80000240

Board Name: C64xx XDS560 Emulator
Cpu Name: CPU_1

Abort: Close Code Composer Studio.
Retry: Try to connect to the target again.
Cancel: Remain disconnected from the target
Diagnostic: Run diagnostic utility.



  • Arash,

    Did this configuration ever work?

    The XDS560 PCI has a FPGA device that is programmed during the time CCS tries to connect to the XDS560, but in this case this programming is failing.

    This may be caused by a hardware fault on the XDS560 PCI debug probe or a corrupt FPGA image being loaded. The second possible cause can be solved by reinstalling CCS, which would restore the corrupt file in your disk. The first error, however, will force you to purchase a new JTAG debug probe since the XDS560 PCI is not supported anymore and does not have serviceable parts.

    Hope this helps,
  • Hello desouza,

    I tested this config in Windows XP and it worked, as you said it might be because of faulty installation of CCS in that system. I am not sure whether this problem have any relation with x64 version of the Windows or not.

    anyway, later I will reinstall the CCS in that OS again.

    and thanks again for your response.
  • Arash,

    I suspect that 64-bit versions of the XDS560 PCI drivers are not available. In this case I strongly suggest to use it with Windows XP.