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CCS: ni data acquisition unit

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I have tried to contact you by phone but have not succeded. 

I am workin in a crane company who build and install complicated automatic crane systems. I have a automatic crane in a waste disposal plant who has a grab installed. This crane grab is hanging in four wires and has a power cable connected through a cable drum. This is a crane who works 24/4 and in small periods without supervision from operator. When the waste contains long wires or firehoses It could force the crane grab to rotate. Please understand me right rotate, not tilting. When this happens and there is nobody to avoid the situation, the cable will twist inside the four steelwires and be cutted off. Then all signal cables and power to the grab is lost, and the cable must be changed. 

Im looking for a system to stop the grab before the cable is cut off. I have been in contact with different companies who delivers gyrosensors and is hoping to use a unaxial gyrosensor from ASC in Germany. The sensor is called ASC 271 and gives a mV signal. I have tried to think about different ways to send the signal from this sensor to a Schneider PLC. The signal from the sensor is in mV and very sensitive to noise. The only way to send the signal from the grab is through the cable who goes through the cable drum, but the cable contains 400V. That means its not possible because of noise. The signal will be destroyed. I have spoken to a company in Oslo about Wifi transmision, but it is also a unfavorable solution to keep the signal readable. 

The engineer I talked to at ASC sensors recommended me to use a NI- data acquisition unit. I dont have any experience with this, but it should be possible to program with Labview. I want to send signal from gyro into this unit, and set som tresholds in degrees to stop the crane. Im thinking about a rele or something with 230V. Do you have anything like this?

I have a little experience with NI-Mydaq who was a part of the syllabus at control systems engineering at Bergen University College. Maybe you have something smaller I can use.

Please call me or send me a mail as soon as you have time. 

Phone: +47 40 49 74 40


Tor Stian