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CCS/OMAP5912: Which target to choose in CCS7 for OMAP5912

Part Number: OMAP5912
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: OMAPL138

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I'm going to start developing source code for OMAP5912.

I know it's NRND, but we have a lot of boards where I have to develop software.

I tried to create new project in CCS7 but I can't find OMAP5912.

I have to use OMAPL138 instead?

But here I see that's it's not full equivalent.

  • Jura,

    Are you just looking to use the ARM or are you also planning to use the DSP? The DSPs on OMAPL138 and OMAP5912 are quite different. If you are just looking to use the ARM then you could select OMAPL138 or Generic ARM9 when creating the project. When creating your target configuration file (ccxml) select OSK5912 as the device/board.

    When you create a project for OMAPL138 it will add an OMAPL138.cmd file to the project. This is the linker command file that defines the memory layout for the linker. You would have to edit this to match the OMAP5912.

    OMAP5912 is really old so there is not much in the way of current collateral or resources for it.

  • John, I have to use both DSP and ARM. DSP for sound processing and ARM for LCD, keyboard etc.

    Maybe I have to use older release of CCS? As I know CCS7 is absolutely free, previous releases costs money.

    I never used TI cores before. I have 10 years experience with MCUs like ARM7 (NXP), Cortex-M (STM) and Analog Devices DSP Blackfin. I tend to use IDE KEIL, IAR, VisualDSP. and eclipse a little.

    I used embedded OS like Linux, FreeRTOS, RTX Keil, and of course bare bone programming without OS.

    Be honest, I still nothing know about developing for multi core processors.

    Maybe you can suggest some readings for me?

    Most important questions for me about multi core at this time:

    1. It must be two different projects in IDE for ARM and DSP core. Or it must be single project, how to define in this case which code is for ARM which is for DSP core?

    2. How to share memory between cores? Have to define in linker file?

    3. How to arrange communication between cores?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Jura,

    Are you sure you really want to do this on an OMAP5912? I think you would save yourself a lot of time with something at least a little newer like an OMAPL138 or even better like an AM57x. These platforms are much better supported.

    We have software development kits for those. The RTOS version of the Processor SDK could be a good fit for you:

    As far as CCS versions you can use CCSv4,5,6 or 7 without having to purchase a license. You might as well use CCSv7. If you go with OMAP5912 you will need to download the C55x compiler from the App Centre in CCS. For versions older than v7 there is a license file on the CCS Download page that can be used to unlock them.

    In CCS projects are separate for the ARM and the DSP.

    I believe the Processor SDKs for AM57x and OMAPL138 have examples for interprocessor communication and shared memory buffers. The teams in the device forums will be better able to help with that.

    For AM57x there is quite a bit of training material available:

  • Thank you for information. We have thousands devices with OMAP5912.