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Compiler/XEVMK2LX: TMS320C6671

Part Number: XEVMK2LX

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler

We have 2 PCs and we compiled the same version of our code and we got slightly different sizes in one or more data sections

As you can see below, RxTask.obj section length is 0x20c on the left and on the right it is 0x204. One PC is running on Windows 10 and the other is on Windows 7. Tools version are the same on both PCs. so the questions why are they different? When we compared the dsp.out, the sizes are different and they are not binary exact.




  • The section .const:.string contains the constant strings used in that source file.  It would be best if you looked at those strings in the assembly code generated by the compiler.  Add the option --src_interlist, and do both builds again.  Inspect the file RxTask.asm.  Look for the lines that are similar to ...

    ;* STRINGS                                                                    *
            .sect   ".const:.string"
    $C$SL1: .string "string1",0
    $C$SL2: .string "string2",0
    $C$SL3: .string "string3",0

    You will see a difference there.  Depending on how familiar you are with the source, the problem might be evident at that point.  If not, search all of the source, including the header files, for the string that is different.  I suspect you will work out the cause of the difference.

    Thanks and regards,