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CCS/MSP430G2433: Incomplete Intel Hex file.

Part Number: MSP430G2433

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I am using code composer studio 6. few months back i created intel hex file using CCS6 and size of that file was around 11kb.

I changed to new computer and installed ccs6 on this new computer. Tried to create hex file again using same project. the hex file creatred is 6kb size.

i definitely, see that it is incomplete file as my final application is not working. Let me know whats wrong. with it. I can attach both hex files here if needed.

  • Hi,

    The hex file is generated directly from the .out file. Do you see any differences between the .out file generated from the new build and the project you already had? To compare .out files, check the following example:

    Also, check the project options, specifically for the hex utility. Any slight variation may cause changes on the output, especially if the option rom_width is smaller than the option mem_width, which will cause the hex utility to generate multiple files (.hex, .x1, .x2, .x3, etc.) as shown in the output below:

    Console said:

    Invoking: MSP430 Hex Utility
    "C:/CCSv8_2_0/ccsv8/tools/compiler/ti-cgt-msp430_18.1.3.LTS/bin/hex430" --memwidth=32 --romwidth=8 -o "G2553_testcase.hex" "G2553_testcase.out"
    Translating to Extended Tektronix format...
    "G2553_testcase.out" .text ==> .text
    "G2553_testcase.out" .cinit ==> .cinit
    "G2553_testcase.out" $fill000 ==> $fill000
    "G2553_testcase.out" TRAPINT ==> TRAPINT
    "G2553_testcase.out" PORT1 ==> PORT1
    "G2553_testcase.out" PORT2 ==> PORT2
    "G2553_testcase.out" ADC10 ==> ADC10
    "G2553_testcase.out" USCIAB0TX ==> USCIAB0TX
    "G2553_testcase.out" USCIAB0RX ==> USCIAB0RX
    "G2553_testcase.out" TIMER0_A1 ==> TIMER0_A1
    "G2553_testcase.out" TIMER0_A0 ==> TIMER0_A0
    "G2553_testcase.out" WDT ==> WDT
    "G2553_testcase.out" COMPARATORA ==> COMPARATORA
    "G2553_testcase.out" TIMER1_A1 ==> TIMER1_A1
    "G2553_testcase.out" TIMER1_A0 ==> TIMER1_A0
    "G2553_testcase.out" NMI ==> NMI
    "G2553_testcase.out" .reset ==> .reset
    warning: memwidth(32) is greater than target width(16)
    warning: Data is being written to auto-generated file G2553_testcase.x1
    warning: Data is being written to auto-generated file G2553_testcase.x2
    warning: Data is being written to auto-generated file G2553_testcase.x3

    For the MSP430 both options should be the same -typically "8".

    Hope this helps,


  • Thanks for your reply. I do see difference in .out file. I also checked project options for hex utility. Found out that memory width and row width was blank. i put down 8 at both places and found out that hex file size changed same as previous built file. To summarize Old built hex file 11KB. new built hex file 5KB and new built changing row width and memory width to 8 is 11KB.