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[FAQ] CCS: CCSv9 - Installer in text mode (no gui, only cli-usage)

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


i'm planning on using the ccs-projects on a build server (debian) for automated builds. Therefore i need ccs available in command-line-mode.

What i'm trying right now is installing CCSv9 with the installer using the following call:

./ccs_setup_linux64_9.1.0.00010.bin --mode text

This call doesn't work. The error message says:

Error copying file from /tmp/bitrock_installer_32242.log to /home/<username>/Downloads/CCS9.1.0.00010_linux-x64/***unknown variable installer_location***/ccs_9.1.0.00010.log
:Destination not writable

My assumption is that there's some missing variable in the installer regarding the variable 'installer_location' which leads to this error.

How can i fix that?

By the way: Is it even possible to configure and build CSS projects on a no-gui/cli-only server (debian)? On my local machine with CCS installed via the GUI-Installer i can call and trigger builds using the eclipsec --noSplash .... ... commands. 

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,