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CCS/TIDA-00484: error trying to compile the firmware

Part Number: TIDA-00484

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I downloaded the firmware for the demo board described in the TIDA-00484.

The firmware can be recompilesd with CCS but when trying to do that I got a message stating that the device the project was written for (-Cortex M.cc1310F128_rev1 was not in the list of regnonized  devices.

In the first CCS (version 9.3) installation, I choose all devices. in a second try, I wanted to select device and indeed this one in not in the list

  • Gilles,

    Can you try the following.

    In the project properties change the device to CC1310F128 here:

    Then click on the Products tab in the same dialog and change the platform near the bottom to ti.platforms.simplelink:CC1310F128

    After doing this I end up with to target configuration files in my targetConfigs folder in the project.  The original one called CC1310F128_REV1 and the other called CC1310F128.ccxml.  I would delete the _REV1 file.

    Note that this project requires the CC13x0 SDK to be installed.  Specifically it references a version.  It may be possible to use a newer version but I would need to defer that to the SimpleLink team to answer.



  • Hi,

    The vast majority of the TI Designs is highly dependent on the tools available at the time of their conception, therefore the disconnect between the several components and even devices present in more modern versions of CCS. Also, sometimes CCS is unable to reliably resolve all settings of an unsupported device variant, requiring re-creating a new project or hacking the existing one.  

    First, you need to be sure to have its dependencies pre-installed and added to CCS: this project requires TI-RTOS Simplelink version (downloadable form here), XDC (downloadable from here) and it was originally built with TI Compiler version 5.2.5 (check install instructions here). 

    After installing the compiler, close CCS then install the TI-RTOS. When you re-open CCS, it will prompt you to add the newly discovered product (the TI-RTOS).

    Specifically for this project, the unsupported device requires some hacking. If you have already imported the project in CCS, right-click on it and select "Close Project". Then, go to its directory, locate the file .cproject and open it on a text editor. Search for the string _REV1 and remove all occurrences (the _REV1 refers to the pre-release CC1310F128 device). Save and close the file. 

    Go back to CCS, right click on the project and select "Open Project". The device should be valid. Now the dependencies should be installed and the project should build fine. 

    Hope this helps,