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CCS/TIDC-01005: I cant build because the typedef I2SCC32XXDMA.h is missing in CC32xx software development kit (SDK)

Part Number: TIDC-01005
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SIMPLELINK-CC32XX-SDK, CC3220S, CC2640R2F

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Hi, I am following the instructions in this pdf ( to start to work with this solution (

I installed all the needed SDK for those tasks. 

But in the I2SCC32XXDMA.h is missing from the directory "ti/drivers/i2s/I2SCC32XXDMA.h" in the SDK reference number SIMPLELINK-CC32XX-SDK ( window installer

Please, any comment will be welcome. Thanks in advance for your time.

Best Regards

  • Hi,

    That TI design was built for an earlier SDK version than the latest 4_10_00_07 version. As such, you will need to modify the code slightly.

    To fix your issue, you can simply block comment out the I2S section of CC3220S_LAUNCHXL.c, lines 355-383. The e-lock design does not use the I2S peripheral, so you can safely comment out that section.

    Also, please be sure the import and build the simplelink library project from the SDK.

    Next, use optimization level 2, global optimizations for both the simplelink project as well as the main wifi_doorlock project. You can set this through project properties->build->ARM compiler->optimization. Then rebuild, and it should allow you to build the wifi_doorlock project without issues.

    Let me know if that doesn't resolve your build issues.



  • Hi, Michaell
    First of all, I am appreciated a lot that you reply to me so faster. Yesterday trying to find a way to build the project I used this library I2SCC32XX.h and changed some code to adapt it, and I can build.
    But, of course, I just did your solution and build perfectly, so I will use your solution.
    Yes, I confirm that I imported "simplelink" like you said (C:\ti\simplelink_cc32xx_sdk_4_10_00_07\source\ti\drivers\net\wifi)
    I confirm, that I select the optimization level 2 for each project.

    I let you know that I have still activated in the OTA and SimpleLink project the option to place each function in a separate subfunction.
    (SelectBuild→Arm Compiler→AdvancedOptions→RuntimeModelOptions. Enable the option to place each function in a separate subfunction(set to on). )
    I dont have active this option in wifi_doorlock project.

    However, I have some issues using this Kit, and I will enum for you looking forward to more advice on how to proceed:

    1- Using the android app, Simplelink SDK Explorer, I am trying to provisioning, I can paired, but after enter the corrrect SSID and Password, it attempts to provision but an Error appears:
     Waiting for connection (or timeout)...
    [bleThread] BLE Start Advertisement. Event 16
    [bleThread]  Peer connected! (Peer: 0xD4AE0593A8B8)
    [bleThread] Device is successfully paired!
    [bleThread] Advertisement has been canceled!
    [Network Thread] -------- PROVISION ATTEMPT --------
    [bleThread] State set to idle.
    [Network Interface] Device came up in Station mode
    [Network Thread] Attempting connection to SSID ATTrhZ9cl2...
    [Network Thread] Failed to connect to provided AP.
             [Network Thread] Connection attempt failed
    [Network Thread] Connection failed. Retrying with WEP.
    Error [-2049] at line [383] in function [Network_IF_ConnectAP]

    [Network Thread] ERROR - Cannot obtain IP address!

    2- When I try to Debug or Load, the CCS show me this message:
    Error connecting to the target:
    (Error -615 @ 0x0)
    The target failed to see a correctly formatted SWD header. The connection to the target may be unreliable. Try lowering the
    TCLK setting before trying again.
    (Emulation package

    3- After I build all my project, where the MCU image is saved?

    Thanks for your time
    Best Regards

  • Hi,

    For issue (1), I suggest you try programming a Wi-Fi profile using the network terminal example, to see if that will allow you to connect to your AP and run the rest of the demo without issues.
    Simply import, build, and run the network_terminal example from the SDK, and then call the following command at the terminal interface:

    addprofile -s "<SSID>" -t WPA2 -p "<password>" -pr 7

    You should see your CC32xx device connect to your AP and get an IP address through DHCP.

    If you can connect to the your AP through the profile added through network_terminal, then go to wlan_doorlock_app,h and set

    #define APSC_PROVISIONING   (0) // Enables AP Provisioning and TI SmartConfig
    #define BLE_PROVISIONING    (0) // Enables BLE Provisioning if using CC2640R2F as SNP

    to disable provisioning

    you can also set your SSID and password in the same file as a fallback, in the section immediately following the

    /* AP SSID                                                                    */


    For (2), please set the SOP jumpers of your device to the SOP[2:0] == 001 position. This will set the CC32xx into functional SWD mode, allowing you to use CCS to connect the device and debug it in SWD mode.

    For (3), the MCU image is saved within your <your workspace path>/<your project path>/Debug/wifi_doorlock_CC3220S_LAUNCHXL_tirtos_ccs.bin

    You can also open the Debug folder in your CCS project, right-click the wifi_doorlock_CC3220S_LAUNCHXL_tirtos_ccs.bin, and then click on Show in Local Terminal -> System Explorer to find the file directly on your PC's filesystem.