TDA3XEVM: Load option "1 -> load raw using CCS (Scripting console)" is not working

Part Number: TDA3XEVM


I followed the section "3.5  Load using QSPI " in VisionSDK_UserGuide_TDA3xx.pdf

But when I try to flash AppImage_BE:

- Load option 1 -> load raw using CCS (Scripting console)" : is not working.

- Load option 0 -> fread using code (RTS Library)": works fine.

There is a similar question (, but no answer.

Note: My PC OS is Windows, not Ubuntu.

Does anyone know the answer? Thanks a lot.

  • For option 1, you need to use "scripting console" in CCS to load the file to memory.

    Are you getting error while loading file using scripting console?

    If yes, please share the log or screenshot from scripting console in CCS.

  • Hello Stanley,

    No error while loading file, but if I use option 0, it is fine.

    I don't know whether it is related to windows/ubuntu difference.

    QSPI Flash writer application
    Enter Device type to use
    1 - 1 bit read from flash
    2 - 4 bit (Quad) read from flash
    $ > 2

    MID - 20
    DID - ba
    Enter 0 for Erase-Only (without flashing any image)
    Note : File size should be less than 33554432 Bytes.
    Enter the file path to flash: C:\ti\PROCESSOR_SDK_VISION_03_08_00_00\ti_components\drivers\pdk_01_10_04_05\packages\ti\boot\sbl_auto\prebuilt_binaries\sbl_multicore_mbx\tda3xx\AppImage_BE
    Enter the Offset in bytes (HEX): 0x80000
    Erase Options:
    0 -> Erase Only Required Region
    1 -> Erase Whole Flash
    2 -> Skip Erase
    Enter Erase Option:
    Load Options:
    0 -> fread using code (RTS Library)
    1 -> load raw using CCS (Scripting console)
    Enter Load Option:
    Use below command in CCS scripting console...
    loadRaw(0x80500000, 0, "C:/ti/PROCESSOR_SDK_VISION_03_08_00_00/ti_components/drivers/pdk_01_10_04_05/packages/ti/boot/sbl_auto/prebuilt_binaries/sbl_multicore_mbx/tda3xx/AppImage_BE", 32, false);
    Kindly use '/' (forward slash) in the file path
    Enter any alpha-numeric key once loadraw is complete...

    QSPI Erase started

    QSPI Erase completed

    QSPI file write started
    file size to write: 14784 Bytes

    QSPI file write completed. Verifying

    ************QSPI flash completed sucessfully**************


  • Can you share the log from scripting console in CCS?

    The one you shared is the log from CIO console. 

  • Hello Stanley,

    Sorry I made a mistake.

    I thought the loadRaw command is executed automatically by CCS.

    Actually I need to copy it to Scripting Console and execute it manually. It works now.

    Do you know why when I connect the ARM core 0, the following error will show?

    I can follow the below actions to solve it.

    • 「Run」→「Reset」→「System Reset」,note CPU reset cannot solve this problem.
    • 「Scripts」→「TDA3xx Misc Module configuration」→「OnTargetConnect_API」

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Stanley,

    Do you have any update? Thanks.


  • Hi,

    Since you have programmed the QSPI flash with SBL and AppImage, the device will load SBL from flash and boot once power is on.

    When you connect Cortex M4, CCS will try to initialize the system by running the GEL script.

    However, since the system is already initialized by SBL, you will get some error from GEL script.

    If you don't want to reinitialize the system when connecting M4 in CCS, you can remove the GEL script from M4 core.