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TIDA-01580: Occurred problem about Making the TIDA-01580.

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Part Number: TIDA-01580


We are making the TIDA-01580.

And already made the Kit(PAB and SMT) for it.

However, It is not working.

We are found a problem about the power.

This problem was short circuit about VBAT and GND.

I was attach file.

I marked that problem was the connected of theVBATT and GND at Battery circuit file.

And also, VBATT node was connected all GND(also GND1).

Also, VDDS node was connected all GND(also GND1).

This problem marked at Programing Connector file.

And Boost and Buck-boost of power circuit seems okay(Converter circuit file).

Made with the same data.(TIDA-01580, www.ti.com/.../TIDA-01580

i'm not modify a reference schematic of the TIDA-01580.

I'd appreciate it if you could check the problem.

Thank you.