WEBENCH® Tools/LM27761: Why not?

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Part Number: LM27761

Tool/software: WEBENCH® Design Tools

The WEBENCH®  does not suggest this part, or similar, if any, for a modest +5V in, 0.1A -5V out, job.

A charge pump would do fine here. The above part looks OK, maybe there are others?

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  • Hi Chris,

    You are right - a charge pump solution looks good for your input-output voltage and current requirements. LM27761 seems like a good choice. 

    WEBENCH does not support charge pumps and hence LM27761 solution does not show up in WEBENCH. Current WEBENCH supported topologies include basic non-isolated switching power converter (with inductor) topologies like Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost, SEPIC, Inverted Buck-Boost and Isolated topologies like  Flyback, Forward, PFC, LLC etc.

    I will move the post to the charge pump product support forum so you can get more product recommendations and any additional design support for your application.

    Thank you for considering WEBENCH and TI power management solutions.


    Srikanth Pam

    WEBENCH / Online Design Tools

  • In reply to Srikanth Pam:

    Hi Chris,

    I would also agree with Srikanth here. For a negative rail, I would suggest LM27761 as well. Please provide a slightly higher input voltage to account for the losses in the device.

    Please let me know if you need any further support.