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WEBENCH® Tools/ADS1292R: Lead I or LeadII

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Part Number: ADS1292R

Tool/software: WEBENCH® Design Tools

From the schematic of user guides, we know the IN1P and IN1N for testing the ECG and respiration for ADS1292R, we know LeadI = IN1P(LA)-IN1(RA) , but we can see the picture 2, the ECG in LeadII not in Lead I, I want to know why?



  • Hi George,

    The ADS1x9xECG-FE hardware supports different options to feed in standard ECG and Respiration signals. There may be some inconsistency in how the GUI display the ECG signal from the hardware. You can check your ECG signal that you apply from the ECG simulator with the SCOPE analysis tool (see Figure 25 in the user guide).