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I am designing a “sustained” power supply network, ie capable of keeping a device ON for about 100ms in the event of a power loss.
Some data:
- Primary power supply: +24Vdc stabilized
- Load Power Consumption: 3W @ 12V.
- Operating temperature: -55°C - 70°C

To minimize the size of the hold-up capacitor (which stores energy to release it during the power supply "hole"), I had thought of generating a voltage higher than +24Vdc input (eg +70Vdc) to connect the hold-up capacitor.
Then generate the +12Vdc that powers the load starting from this raised voltage.

With your web tool “WEBENCH® POWER DESIGNER” I found many solutions, but not compatible with a minimum operating temperature of -55 °C.

Could you please tell me a complete solution +24Vdc -> +70Vdc -> +12Vdc (except for the hold-up capacity which I select)?

Thank you.

  • Hi Daniele,

    You are correct. Currently Webench power designer do not support ambient temperature as low as -55 degC. Support is available for -40 degC to 125 degC ambient temperatures. Let me discuss this within team for solution (may be we will need help of product experts here). We should be able to get back to you by 16OCT.

    Best Regards,


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  • Hi Daniele, 

    As Bhushan mentioned above, WEBENCH has a limitation and cannot provide capability for checking solutions with extended ambient temperature range (below -40 / above 125 ) . I would recommend you check TI's Boost and Buck portfolio and choose the product which best meets your needs. Below are the links.



    As a hint - I will recommend to directly use the Filters on the left side of the product table to filter for your requirements.

    As an initial suggestion - I will recommend

    24V -> 60V (-55 to 125 deg C) : https://www.ti.com/product/TPS40210-EP

    60V -> 12V (-55 to 125 deg C) : https://www.ti.com/product/TPS54060-EP 

    Both of the above are not supported in WEBENCH, but the non EP versions  TPS40210 , TPS54060 are supported. You may create the design in WEBENCH using non-EP version and replace with the EP version in your actual design.

    I will also move this post to the product support team so you can get alternate recommendations and any additional design help you may need.

    Thank you and Best Regards,

    Srikanth Pam

    Online Design Tools

  • In reply to Srikanth Pam:

    Hi Mr. Srikanth Pam,

    I have not received any news from product support since you wrote me.
    Are there alternative solutions to the devices you proposed to me (TPS40210-EP, TPS54060-EP)?
    Is the proposed solution the best possible?
    Or remains the only solution?

    Thank you very much,

  • In reply to Daniele Rafaiani:

    Hello Daniele, 

    It looks like the parts Srikanth recommended are rated for the extended temperature in your application. 

    If you want to look at other alternatives, I'd suggest utilizing the parametric search here and filtering for the -55C temperature.