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TIDA-010056: Issue with UART pins in TIDA-010056

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Part Number: TIDA-010056


I am working an TIDA-010056 Evaluation board for running a BLDC motor.

For data monitoring, I wish to use UART module and capture data via RS-232. 

Working previously on TIDA board due to some issue (not found yet) my LDO stopped working so I am supplying 3.3V and GND externally via either PC or DC power supply.

My issue regarding UART pins is, I am not available to receive data via UART. I have captured data image from UART via oscilloscope and shared below.

Also to find if my code is proper, I have dumped same code in an MSP430FR2355 Launchpad and i could see the data via UART is proper without any issue.

Please find the same image below.

EVM_UART image:

Launchpad_UART image:

  • Hi, 

    From your graph, I think the most possibility is that you have a different GNDs. Do you connect the PC's GND to TIDA-010056? 

    Please confirm it. 


  • In reply to Hawken Li:

    Yes as my LDO is not working i have connected PCs ground to TIDA-010056

  • In reply to jeet panchal:

    If PCs ground is connected to TIDA-010056 ground to supply power and thus the above waveform is visible.

    But while testing launchpad for UART, there too i have connected PCs ground so what will be the reason for proper waveform?

  • In reply to jeet panchal:


    I'm a little confused with your question. 

    By EVM, the GND from EVM to PC is joint together. So the UART has the same GND. 

    For TIDA-010056,please confirm UART TX and RX and GND 3 lines are connected to PC UART input. 


  • In reply to Hawken Li:

    Yes i have connected all the three pins to FTDI chip and the FTDI is connected to PC.

    What can be the advisable reason to work with FTDI and UART for data logging? 

  • In reply to jeet panchal:


    Firstly, please disconnect the FTDI board and test the UART_TX and UART_RX signal. If the signal of TX is correct, please check your FTDI board's circuit. If the signal of TX is not correct, I think you need check if the MCU pin had been broken. You need make sure the FTDI board had a suitable input interface such as 3.3V input, suitable input resistance and etc.