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TIDA-01634: Evaluation Board TIDA-01634

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Part Number: TIDA-01634


For a project that requires super high speed switching with GaN, the TIDA-01634 board would be ideal for familiarization.
However, the board is "not availabale for sale" - how can I still get it?
Thank you for your reply.
  • Hello Karl,

    Please refer to the attached thread.



  • In reply to Mamadou Diallo:

    Hello Mamamdou,

    thanks for the reply.

    Yes, the suggested alternative is nearly the same. The difference is the EPC2001C with limitation to "only" max. 10MHz. I will check this in detail.

    What do you think: Would it be possible with the suggested board to switch 40..50MHz for 500ns within a repeted cycle of 25µs?

    Do you know, if a pure TIDA-1634 board (without assembled parts) would be available?



  • In reply to Karl Steinhauser:

    Hello Karl,

    A modified version of the suggested board may handle higher switching frequencies with the appropriate FETs (typically smaller FETs) and the appropriate thermal management considerations including heat sink, forced air, grounding, etc...

    I have not physically come across the TIDA board and these are generally intended to show the IC's functionality in a system level configuration.

    I suggest using the EVM design files and updating them according to your desired application.