TIDA-00281: Inquiry Fly-Back of TPS40210-Q1.

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Part Number: TIDA-00281


I have Inquiry of Fly-Back circuit in TIDA-00281.

1. What is the maximum output current of a fly-back circuit using TPS40210-Q1 in TIDA-00281?

2. Could you provide a PSPICE file for the fly-back circuit below?

3. Could you provide a reference design if the output is 0.5A at 12V?

Best regards.

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  • Hi Louis,

    Thank you for considering TPS40210.  Our expert supporting this device is currently out of office.  

    The max output current seems to be 250mA according to the TIDA-00281 documentation, but our expert can double check when she is back next week.

    The Pspice mode is available at https://www.ti.com/lit/zip/slvm863, which is the time domain model and you can configure it for flyback.

    Regarding the 0.5A at 12V, you may be able to reuse the same design, but the transformer may need to be updated if it cannot support that power.   Our expert will look into this aspect, too.


    Youhao Xi, Applications Engineering

  • In reply to Youhao Xi:

    Hello Louis,

    In addition to Youhao's answer, I will check with the designer of the reference design about the model, although I expect that we will not have one.

    Please find the transformer specification here: 2364.Wurth_750315511.pdf

    As you can observe, the saturation current is 2.2A which limit the power on the output dependent on the input voltage you want to use it for.

    Please add the input voltage your design shall have.

    Best regards,

    For more information on buck-boost devices have a look at www.ti.com/buckboost