TIDA-01606: TIDA-01606

Part Number: TIDA-01606

Dear all,

We built a  design with some modification but the main implantation still the same. The published software has some issues reported by others which We considered in starting it but We faced some which need support.

1- Analog signals computations aren't perfect and needs adjusting.

2- Another major problem is PWM module 8 is off and other PWM module are working as the attached debugger. Also, We check the measured PWM and it proved that PWM8 (GPIO14-GPIO15) are at 0's.

3- The control loops needs implementation and We will do it but first We need to check the open loop performance before building our Simulink Models.

***We need to overcome point (2) first as it's the main issue We wish to get a solution from You.

Thanks in advance.