Importing Netlist generated by KiCad

I have schematics created within KiCad, and I would like to bring those into TI-PSPICE for simulation. Many (most) of the elements defined by the KiCad Netlist would  not be imported with pre-assigned simulation models.

Is there documentation for these processes?


  • Michael,

    You can netlist your schematic in KiCad as a .LIB file, then generate a symbol for it. This symbols can be used to refer to the LIB file.

    Basically, it is a third-party model:


  • Hmmm.....

    I don't fully understand what you mean when you write, "you can netlist your schematic in KiCad as a .LIB file".

    KiCad generates netlists in formats denoted as *.net, *.frp, and *.cir (and possibly others....there are "plug-ins" that I am not familiar with).

    If you mean that I should generate a netlist, and then re-name it with the *.lib file-extension, thenm What would be the original netlist file-format?

    Also, it sounds as if TI-PSPICE would then expect to receive a package that has all of the SPICE modelling data bundled into it. But, as I originally wrote, the KiCad schematic doesn't have any associated SPICE models at this time; for that reason, I was anticipating substituting parts / components within  the TI_PSPICE workspace, after importing the KiCad schematic to it.

  • Michael,

    Would you please convert your KiCad schematic into a netlist and share it with me?

    i will also need to know the names of those nets in this file that you will hook up to other circuit you will draw in PSpice for TI.


  • Hello, JC:

    I believe there is still some misunderstanding: I simply want to import an existing Schematic (which was drawn in KiCad) into the schematic-editor of TI-PSPICE.

    At this point, I don't intend to "hook [that existing schematic] up to" another circuit that I will subsequently draw in PSpice for TI.

    However, as the existing KiCad schematic wasn't created specifically with the intention of Spice simulation, the symbols in the schematic will have to be linked to 'models'......I thought that it might be worthwhile doing that linkage within TI-PSPICE.

    Also, at this time (and as I mentioned in the prior Email), KiCad can generate a Netlist in at least 3 different file formats. I am totally unfamiliar with the vagaries of Netlist formats. I have no idea which netlist file-format would be better, best, or ideal for importation to TI-PSPICE....

  • Hi Michael,

    You cannot open the KiCad schematic in PSpice directly. If KiCad support EDIF export, you may be able to import it into PSpice. But, as you said, there will be some effort updating the symbols.