PSPICE-FOR-TI: tps7h4001-sp_wca model PSPICE-FOR_TI

Part Number: PSPICE-FOR-TI
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I just loaded PSPICE-FOR-TI to simulate the TPS7H4001-SP.  I followed the instructions in slvuc15, TPS7H4001-SP Worst Case Analysis Model User's Guide. However I'm unable to find the tps7h4001-sp_wca in the library.  See screen shot attached.  The parts in library skip from TPS7H3301_OLB to TPS7H4010-SEP_AVG.  Also shown in the screen shot is the Pspice for TI Version and the Model Library version.

Please advise as to how I can find the tps7h4001-sp_wca model in PSPICE-FOR-TI.

Thank you -John

  • Hi John,

    Your library is not up-to-date. Please see mine:

    Please close and relaunch PSpice for TI and accept library update if prompted.


  • Thank you, I updated the library and found the model, but first i had to Enable Customer Experience Improvement Program in Options->Extended_Preferences.  And i also had enabled statistics gathering by Cadence in the pop-up that occurs when click on help.

    Not sure which or both of these enabled the prompting for library update.   When these were not enabled I wasn't prompted for library updates even though my library was out of date, and choosing Reinstall TI models and Libraries in the help tab continued to install the out of date library.

  • Hi John,

    Reinstall TI models and Libraries in the help tab only install the base library. We rely on the library update function to bring you the latest models incrementally to avoid consuming bandwidth unnecessarily.

    I do not believe those options are necessary to enable the library update.