TIDA-010042: Load enable pin cannot be activated by MCU

Part Number: TIDA-010042


In TIDA-010042 board test, I am currently using E-load as a battery pack. While I am charging, there is no voltage at the load output (J7). Then, I checked Q5 and U12. U12 does not get L-EN signal from MCU. So, I checked software. I don't see any issue. The Battery output voltage is higher than Battery reconnect voltage. And Charged current is only 1A. So, still lower than overcharged current limit. 

So, is it because of software/hardware or because of E-load? Any suggestion, please.

Best regards,

Yin Min

  • Hi Yin Min,

    Please check if any other protection flag is active.



  • Hi Salil,

    I found one issue on hardware side. One of the reference pin of battery current sensor IC (U15) is not grounded. Maybe because of this, potection flag is active. But after I soldered the reference pin to ground properly, there is no output voltage. When I removed the batt current sensor IC (U15), there is output voltage back. Then I changed new IC (U15), no output again.

    What is this issue and how can I solve that issue? 

    Best regards,

    Yin Min