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TIDA-00374: ADV packet on Android app

Part Number: TIDA-00374
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC2650, TPL5110, CC2540EMK-USB, , CC2540

We have build the TIDA 00374 (Humidity & Temp Sensor Node ) at our end and downloaded the TIDA00374-Firmware.OUT ( Date: 16-03-2016)  file by using Smart RF flash programmer 2. We can see the power is turning ON every 1min. Also, able to clock waveform on SCL line. We are using BLE scanner Andriod app ( on mobile phone instead of packet sniffer but not able to see ADV packet on mobile Andriod app. Pls suggest the solution.

  • Hi Arvind,

    Just to confirm, are you able to see the CC2650 drive the DONE signal to the TPL5110 in order to go back to the power-down state?  This should only happen after the packet is sent, so if we see this signal it should be a good sign that the firmware is working.  I'm not familiar with this BLE scanner app, but is it possible that it is not displaying all ADV packets?  (For example, are there any filters configured for the packets that are displayed.)  I see in the design guide that we had tested using CC2540EMK-USB as a packet sniffer; is this something that you could try?

    Also, does your design follow TIDA-00374 exactly or are there any changes to component selection or PCB layout?  If there are any changes please describe them.


  • Hello Max,

    Thanks for the update.

    Here is update on your points.

    Point No #1: DONE Signal

    Yes..I am able to see the "DONE" signal after every one minute and hence power is switching every minutes.

    Pls refer the attached waveforms.

    • Waveform1: VDDS ( @ capacitor C13) switching at every one minute and VDDS is present for 36ms.
    • Wafeform2: SCL : I can see the I2C_SCL (I2C Clock) waveform on every one minute

    So based on these waveform I can say that the firmware is running.

    Point No#2: CC2540EMK-USB as a packet sniffer

    We do not have CC2540EMK-USB dongle so we are checking the packet on the BLE scanner andriod app and there is not facility to filter the ADV. We have CC2650 launch pad and can we use CC2650 launch pad as packet sniffer if yes pls share the Firmware which can be download on CC2650 launch pad.

    Point No#3: Any design changes

    We have not done any changes in the schematic.

    Minor changes at components level:

    In the BOM,  Y2 part is TSX-3225 24.0000MF20G-AC3 and this is part is not available so we are using equivalent part  number# LFXTAL082073Reel, Manufacturer - IQD, Datasheet link -

    PCB Stack up:

    Pls refer the attached PCB stack up we are using and making sure that 50E impedance matching for the RF path till C27.

    Pls let me know if you need any more details to address this issue.  

    Waveforms for the point no#1.



  • Hello Max,

    Pls refer the attached PCB Stackup.

    TIDA00374_PCB Stackup.pdf

  • Hi Arvind, 

    You  can try using the SmartRF Packet Sniffer 2 firmware found at which supports the CC2650 as a sniffer and leverages Wireshark for packet display/filtering.  Here is a link to the software download page. Let me know if you still are not seeing the ADV packets after using this approach. Hope this helps!


  • Hello Brian,

    We have tried SmartRF Packet Sniffer 2 along with Wireshark and the following are observations.

    1. We have installed WireShark version 3.0.6 and SmartRF_Packet_Sniffer_2 ( Version 1.9.0 alpha)

    2. We have programmed the CC2650 Launch pad with firmware "sniffer_fw" from "bin" folder. Please refer the attached image "sniffer_fw"

    3. We are able to detect CC2650 Launch pad in the SmartRF_Packet_Sniffer_2 but not able to configure the BLE setting radio option window of SmartRF_Packet_Sniffer_2. Pls refer the image "SmartRF_Packet_Sniffer_2"

    Looks like it showing that radio is default configured to the 802.15.4 and we are not able to change to the BLE. 

    Would you please share your comments and how to configure the BLE in the SmartRF_Packet_Sniffer_2.


  • Hi Arvind,

    Let me contact the CC2650 product line and see if I can get any information on why you are not able to switch to BLE. It looks like the program may only be targeted for the 802.15.4, but I will see if I can get you any recommendations for the BLE side.


  • Hello,

    It seems from the Release Notes of Packet Sniffer 2 that BLE sniffing is not supported using the CC2650. You can also refer to this related post. If you have a CC26x2 Launchpad you may use Packet Sniffer 2, otherwise you will need a CC2540 to use the legacy Packet Sniffer software.

    Looks like the project is provided, it might help to try to load this and debug the program using CCS or IAR. If you can measure the current (instead of voltage), we can also get a clearer idea of what is going on. You can refer to our Measuring CC13xx and CC26xx current consumption app note for some pointers. Hopefully the current profile can provide more information if a sniffer is not available.

  • Hello Ammar,


    We have tested with TIDA00374 with CC2540 legacy Packet Sniffer software and we are able to get the packets from TIDA00374. Pls refer to the attached image.