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TIDM-ULTRASONIC-FLOW-TDC: Follow up question: Echo Threshold not set properly

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I just received inquiry from customer regarding TIDM-ULTRASONIC-FLOW-TDC and have some follow up questions, please see details below.

"Regarding to test TDC1000 and TDC7200 with out GUI, you mean test it with another MCU? or Add another master in SPI bus? or With MSP and program registers in code?

Related to this link: "

Thank you in advance.


  • Hi Maynard, 

    Sorry for the confusion. If you could try to program the TDC1000 or TDC7200 device with a microcontroller and read the register contents back, that would determine if the issue is hardware related. 

    Writing the data should be relatively simple, requiring the use of CSB, SCLK, and SDI. 

    Alternatively, if this is too difficult for the customer to accomplish, you could probe the pins of interest (CSB, SCLK, SDI, SDO) while programming through the GUI to evaluate if the data is being communicated properly to the device.

    Please let me know if you have any questions,


  • Hi Jacob,

    Just received response from customer, please see details below.

    Actually I performed a test with my first board. I had programed and tested this board year ago and it was ok without the mentioned error in the case. For test, I programed it again with my new computer, windows and CCS, and the mentioned problem showed up. I'm definitely sure that there is something wrong with CCS and/or programing the Hex file for MCU procedure. it would be great if the team suggest me a solution to make sure it has been programed correctly or not.


  • Hi Maynard,

    Thank you for the additional details.

    In that case it seems the issue may lie in the version of CCS being used.

    Can the customer try to use CCS 6.1.0 instead of  6.1.3?

    I'm not sure the exact version of CCS to be used as the Design Guide documentation only mentions using CCS 6.1

    The error code reported in the previous thread "This project was created using a version of compiler that is not currently installed: 4.4.3 [MSP430]" makes me think one of the CCS 6.1.x versions will allow the programming.

    Please let me know the results of testing.

    Thank you,


  • Hi Jacob,

    Just received a response from customer, please see details below.

    " I installed the CCS V6.1, but i get an error while trying to import the project to it. The error screenshot is attached.


  • Hi Maynard, 

    It looks like CCS is unable to locate the compiler version it is expecting to use.

    Can you verify if the customer has the v6.0 compiler installed?

    If not, MSP430 compiler version 6.0 can be obtained through the update feature built into CCS. Please see the Installing New Software part of the larger article on CCS Updates

    The complier should be named "MSP430 Compiler Tools" and have a version associated with the file.

    Please let me know if this helps resolve the error. 

    Best Regards,