PMP21549: No output voltage

Part Number: PMP21549
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Hi there,

We have just completed building the PMP21549 reference design, using the Gerbers online to produce the PCB and using the same parts from the provided BOM, but we are getting no output voltage, even under load.  These are the voltages measured at the test points in the reference design:

TP1 & TP5 = 240 Vrms (AC)

TP2 & TP3 = 325 V (DC)

TP9 & TP3 = 1.882 V

TP9 & TP8 = 1.882 V

TP10 & TP12 = 0 V

TP4 & TP7 = 0 V

Any ideas as to what the problem is?  I'd love for this board to work.

Kind regards,