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TIDA-00524: What app to use to read data from this EVM?

Part Number: TIDA-00524
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: RF430CL330H

So I am using the TIDA-00524 EVM and am able to get an NFC reader app to recognise that it is there. But I don't know where to get any of the actual data from it. Reading through the documentation HERE, on page 15, it says:

The Data logger comes pre-programed and ready to be configured. Using a NFC enabled smart phone, confirm that NFC is turned on in the settings. Next present the data logger to the back of the phone. The welcome message, as shown in Figure 10: Welcome Message, should be read out and displayed. The welcome message list default settings as well as all supported commands. This message will always be displayed below all logged measurements for quick reference.

It then shows a screenshot of a phone or tablet with the welcome message and screen you are supposed to see. But nowhere in any documentation I can find does it say anything about the app that is used and I cannot find anything to actually get the data sent to my phone. Does anyone know how I can do this, and which app is used?

  • Hello Myles,

    This board formats the data as an NDEF text record.  You can use any NDEF reader/writer app capable of reading/writing text NDEF records.  In the reference design documentation, NFC TagWriter is used, but this design was released back in 2015, so there are likely many options for apps available now.  

  • Thank you for the response. I have used NFC Tools, tagwriter by NXP and a few others. All just give me a serial number, and a tag type. No more information or options. Is NFC TagWriter the NXP one? because that just says no NDEF detected

  • Myles,

    Are you using a battery in the tag?  If there is no battery, it is possible that enough energy is harvested from the RF field to read the unique ID, but not enough for the full NDEF message.  Also, be sure you are holding the phone in place.  If there is a large amount of data already logged, the NDEF message can be quite large and could take several seconds to fully read.

  • I am using the battery in the tag, and can hold the phone there for some time but after getting the ID, it doesn't do anything else. 

  • I have also re-programmed it using the example code via CCS and still get the "No NDEF detected" from the NXP TagWriter app. I have 2 of these kits and both of them are doing the same. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

  • Have you tested with any different apps?  I have a Google Pixel phone and will find one of these boards to test with my phone tomorrow.

  • Hi Eddie, I have tested with several apps. I have also tested with multiple phones we have here. Some of the more recent ones (S21, S22) do not show any data, the S9, LG Lexus and another did show something, but it is all unreadable. I cannot upload the pictures in a comment but it shows the black diamonds with the white question mark. Just a wall of that

  • Myles,

    I tested with the pixel phone and I am seeing the same.  Reads the ID, shows as ISODEP and NFC type B, but does not read out the NDEF message.  I also tested with an RF430CL330H based tag( which does read the NDEF message properly displaying the current temperature.  It seems there has potentially been some change in the RFID reader implementation in the newer phones. 


  • Hi Eddie, thank you for this response. I did think there may have been a change in the protocol somewhere, which makes me a little sceptical about using NFC for my project as I don't want a short product lifespan. I'll look at the TIDA00217 and see if I can get one of these to test with newer phones.